Individual Counseling

Individual counseling allows you to work in a safe, comfortable, confidential and caring environment toward the healing you deserve.  Here we can explore emotions, memories, behaviors, and beliefs and find relief from the symptoms of trauma, depression, anxiety and other concerns.  This process is collaborative, and we work together to find holistic and soulful recovery.

Dream Work

Our dreams are a conversation between our conscious ego and the wellspring of creative, inspirational, and meaningful material in the unconscious.  Learn how to create a dialogue, understand the symbols, and tap the rich power of the dream. 

LGBTQ focused

As a member of the LGBTQ community, and having gone through my own coming out and defining process, I know that there are concerns unique to us and our relationships with family, work, and love.  Yet, no LGBTQ cookie cutter exists and we all find the answers to the same concerns very differently.


I also work closely with people trying to understand their gender identity and how best to live that truth in the world.


Mediation is a short-term counsel intended to help people find consensual, and mutually beneficial solutions to sticky interpersonal problems.  This method is perfect for families, friends, and coworkers struggling to understand each other and reach concrete solutions to real-life problems.  


Mediation counseling can be done with all parties involved or only one.

Life Coaching

Life coaching is ideal for people looking to create concrete and attainable goals and move with direction and purpose toward their life's destiny.  

In life coaching we identify your purpose, abilities and needs, and create a trajectory for meeting your goals.

We make certain the goals are in harmony with your intrinsic self by using personality, vocational and archetypal astrological methods.