Group work allows our journey to be witnessed by others and engages us in the creation of a new relationship with ourselves, others, and the world by helping us find our voice and telling our stories in new ways.

Intuitive Tarot

Yoga and Tarot are both practices for the soul.  Learn to use them together and apart for personal growth, intuitive decision making, and connection with universal patterns and images of transformation.

$40 for workshop

Dream Tending

Dreams are a present living reality that you can engage with and learn from in your life. They contain deep potential and truths from the unconscious we need to understand. This 4-week group will help you learn the techniques you can use to engage with the wisdom they hold, interact with dream characters in active imagination, transform nightmarish figures, and learn from dream animals. 

$20/week for 4 weeks


Soulful Trauma Recovery

Using, traditional group therapy, meditation, yoga, active imagination, art, music, and other modalities, we work on healing from our traumas by learning to live soulfully and heal ourselves using compassion and creativity.

This is an ongoing weekly group that meets on Tuesdays from 9:30-11:30 am.

Some insurances cover this, cash price is $30/session.

Yoga for Trauma

Yoga for trauma meets every Wednesday at 1pm at the Phoenix Rising Psychotherapy office on main street in Wareham (across from Captain Al's).  Most insurance pays.  Cash price is $10.